As I was contemplating the last year on a short walk I was recognizing how this is has been a challenging year. How could life be this cruel, I thought.  People have lost their jobs, their homes to natural and unnatural disasters, and the horizon looks bleak.  I was almost in despair over the future.  Will it ever get better I wondered…does it have the potential.  Just as I thought “You know this has been a tough year!”…a man on a bike just singing out loud for everyone to hear sang “Its been a hard year for everyone, yes a very hard year for everyone”.  The synchronicity was jarring… as though the universe heard my feeble cry, and it put it all in context. This is just where we need to be, in chaos.  For in this chaos there is no familiar patterns of meaning to cling to, to comfort us.  We look beyond and make new meaning of the world around us…what a glorious gift to have new lenses to look at the world with.  We often say we want adventure but I wonder do we really embrace adventure when it finds us?