So often weight loss is the goal of health in our society today.  And one I admittedly struggle with in my own life.  As  BMI and jean size determine our health and wellbeing I have found a discrepency in this current world view.   Many studies have shown that weight loss is a result that nearly everyone has been able to achieve to a greater or lesser extent. Myself included but, honestly I was never as imbalanced and unhealthy as I was when I was at a “healthy weight”.  I am realizing as I look around I am not the only one. Many people who are working on maintaining lowering their weight often binge on bad food and make up for it with restrictive diets or excessive exercise.  Many healthy sized people who regularly exercises still suffer from abnormal blood work, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, intense food craving, use of drugs and alcohol,  a lack of feeling fulfillment. But why, despite looking so good on the outside,  are we still so unhealthy?    Is the current method of working from the outside in really the best way help people optimize living life to our fullest through out our life journey?

      In a consumer driven society we live our lives without satiety from our everyday experiences.  We are happy because we got something that makes us better, faster, stronger the everyone else…well if it doesn’t kill us 🙂  Without this constant outdoing and competing we are not sure who we are.  I argue we are just empty, hoping if we get the next best thing we won’t be as empty as the person next to us. Ironically, what is marketed never really fills us.  It is that only collaborative relationships with ourself and others fill our lonely existence. The moment when we come together for the common good or just the good of someone in need. Yet, in our daily life we live in opposition of our truest loving (union forming) nature and wonder why we need more space and have less tolerance. In this isolation we are empty, despite our resounding belief we don’t need anything we keep consuming with excessive ambition, food, distractions, acquaintances, parties, drinks, clothing, cars, vacations and list goes on….If you think about it….is it these things that fill you or is it feeling that fills you? Dare I ask, is it your spirit that is filled…not your self?


What if that fulfillment that is so fleeting with each item you buy, each holiday cookie that you eat, each mile that you run…could be obtained without a physical prompt? A guiltless fulfillment that is bottomless….too good to be true?

I would say it exists. As I work on meditation and further my abilities with acceptance the truth becomes clearer and brighter. Accepting you as you are. Accepting others with all their imperfections as you recognize them as your own.  Having the bravery to see the beauty of the moment with nature’s imperfections perfectly in place.  When the fear seeps in that says “logically this is wrong” humbly noting the veil of judgement and still seeing the beauty. Not beauty as a marketing agent sells it, but as a recognition of human nature just as it is and has been since the beginning of time.

As I sat on a bus and I saw a mother with her child. Then a gentle glance of a stranger looking to grab the toy that was about to fall out of his hand. The smile of the person next to the mother who is in awe of the smile of the mother.  Though everyone else was immersed in their smartphones…the warmth filled the bus.  As I joined in to the warmth of just acceptance of the moment as it was, I was filled.  A fullness that nothing else could measure, from a bus of strangers! In this moment a woman with a frown came in and  with that passing judgement of distrust… the entire bus changed form.  Everyone stops smiling they turn away and are fearful and cold.  Holding their bags close to them, looking at the floor.  Ready to react at a moment’s notice. The inner world is what fills us and affects the world around us. As the warmth had filled so had the cold taken away, but I chose to agree to it.  To dive into it and not create acceptance of the situation as it was.  I wondered if I had held the feeling of acceptance of this women’s difficult moment if she the bus would have been so cold. I suggest trying it…open yourself up to accept the world around you. It will take bravery to hold steady if someone spites you and your judgement seeps in.  But if you can find the warmth in the moment see if it fills you up better than a pumpkin spice coffee 🙂

An untamed forest with its fallen trees, poison ivy, moss, canopies is a system that has existed for hundreds of thousands of years before man’s logic could decipher it.  It is okay to just accept the mystery of how it all continues to work and grow in spite of itself. The same goes for us there is a mystery of why we work that goes beyond modern medicine, a knowing of our own self that is beyond time, and only we can accept the mystery and intuitively learn to fill ourselves. Then the outside is barely important since the inside is so healthy in the way nature intended.